Update #4 – Breaking New Ground

From a content strategy perspective, the MUS (Magikarp Used Splash) series of stories are great for keeping the site fresh with stories. They also provide me with an opportunity to try some ideas out, indulge fandom, and exercise my writing skill in other genres/styles (like my recent brief dabble into poetry).

However, the purpose of the site wasn’t just to support the MUS pieces, it was to also provide a platform for original works (I’m not really counting MUS as original). So it’s time to write something. I’d spent a lot of time trying to ‘perfect’ this before starting it, which I realise now is nonsense as I was ‘planning’ myself into inertia, so let’s just get it started:

Introducing: Breaking New Ground

BNG HorizontalPremise: A teenage boy leaves home to become the youngest inter-planetary pioneer of his civilisation after being rejected from the official government training programme.  Set in the distant future on a terraform-in-progress planet, the boy’s journey takes him from the planet’s depths, to the atmosphere’s limits, picking up a rag-tag band of friends and new skills along the way, that help him on the way to the stars. Once a lifetime, the planet launches a new ‘seed pod’ that lands and blooms into a powerful life supporting tech-tree that stretches into the ground, and up into the sky. Will our protagonist be on the next one, to reach start a new life and break new ground?

Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sold on the name.

I’m very excited to start writing this. I think it’d make for a great shounen anime, but where it actually stemmed (pun intended) from is an attempt to think of an impactful way to use the VR medium in a narrative. Hopefully this will become clear through the story, but the spacial setting explores the vertical much more than the horizontal, and moments of ‘taking the plunge’ (like in the first chapter, when the protagonist leaps from the sky high platform), would work really well as a reveal in VR, even if a struggle for anybody with vertigo. Another more consistent opportunity to use that is in the pretty regular need for helmets on the planet.

Hope you enjoy it.



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