Update #5 – Personal Touches

Don’t you just hate stock photos?

This update comes after a very, very long hiatus. After actual employment, fitness takes priority in my life, followed by an endless list of various weddings/birthdays etc. to go to. However for my one follower, whom I suspect to be my mother, I extend my apologies. I’ve a day or two to churn out some content so will get cracking, however before I do, I have a slight rant/stream of consciousness in two parts, a) platforms and b) content:

Beginning with platforms. I’m not convinced that a text blog has any place in 2019. To grow my content I need to be where the people are; everything’s on YouTube, Fortnite is massive, high quality TV and Film content is everywhere and social feeds take up a lot of screen time. I’m not naive enough to think that I can usurp these platforms and I recognize that the adage ‘build it and they will come’, isn’t necessarily true on the internet. The problem is, though, that these format’s don’t really lend themselves to the type of content i’m producing.

How would it translate across into YouTube; would I have a person narrate the stories like some ASMR bed time story time channel? (That could actually work…is my voice good enough for that?) Or have the stories showing up as big blocks of text in Instagram feeds? (that doesn’t really seem suited to long form writing). Perdix is on Instagram, Facebook, etc. But they just serve as a re-direct to here. Perhaps there needs to be serious consideration into a GoogleAds campaign for Perdix; though i’ll need my own site for that. I should probably also offer downloads in eReader form of my writings.

The second thing is content; part of YouTube’s success is the creators it enables, and whilst there’s a diverse set of videos out there, some of most successful creators are your vlogging/gaming/commentary types. I’ve been watching quite a lot of these recently; namely Dunkey, PayMoneyWubby, iDubbbz and of course PewDiePie. People watch them for their personalities or rather the characters their portraying as their personalities. They do of course produce interesting videos in and of themselves, Dunkey’s gaming criticism, iDubbbz content cops, PayMoney’s YouTuber critiques etc. but still the appeal throughout their channels is for the individual, they’re like mini cults of personality, and that isn’t a pejorative.

Another successful type of video is the informational/educational videos, like those from  Wendover/HalfasInteresting, Polymatter, Howtobasic, Vsauce, Tom Scott (who probably overlaps into the above personality type as well) etc.  That’s not to say they’re devoid of personality, but that it’s not the main driver to their channels. I have considered prioritizing content criticism as Perdix’s primary offering, it’d certainly align with my degree, but to be honest, i’d rather create than deconstruct.

I don’t have a resolution to these points, I want to keep (start) producing prosaic content so need a platform that can satisfy this, and want to focus on the work itself rather than building a personality brand. Perdix as a brand will struggle to craft personal touches into the content, especially given the specificity of the type being produced, written prose (these updates being the exception). Another reason for difficulty is my desire for privacy; yet I’ve no doubt if an internet sleuth wanted to they could identify me.

Eventually, i’ll migrate Perdix over to a dedicated site, i.e. not a WordPress one and try to generate enough traffic to have it be self sustaining. Should it be profitable i’ll re-invest in commissioned artwork for the stories, better sites, maybe even merch etc. Who knows.

Perhaps Perdix will develop into something else as time goes on and I’ll look back on this rambling post fondly whilst buried in the latest editing frenzy of a click-baity Minecraft vs Fortnite video.




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