Update #7 – Scripted VR

I get that posting endless updates isn’t actually content and will just turn Perdix into a blog brand. This’ll be the last before I get my head into some actual writing and give you the top notch content you’re so obviously here for.

I want to take a minute to outline my concept for Breaking New Ground – to give an indication of the direction and set expectations a little bit. I want BNG to be the one of the first written-for-VR series.

Whilst i’m publishing the story here to be read by any Perdix followers, my aim is to generate a fandom around BNG specifically so that it’ll be picked up by developers of Oculus, Vive, HoloLens, any of the mobiles enabled with VR or even existing content powerhouses like Warner, Disney or Viacom/CBS. These companies can fuel content innovation such as this. I’m not 100% sure, but i’m fairly confident that VR isn’t a fad medium, and whilst gaming is clearly a strong area for it, i’m interested in developing a semi-scripted VR series that can help launch these brands as an exclusive original.

Innovation is especially important for media brands as linear viewing declines, content fragmentation increases, and the line between entertainment types blurs (music/social with TikTok, social/video with Snapchat, TV/Blogging with YouTube, gaming/sports with eSports, gaming/movies/TV with cinematic games and choose your own path TV (The Last of Us, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch)). I want to lead into the VR space with BNG; and here are the ways i’m making it suitable:

  • The show has moments of extreme spectacle that invites the wearer to look around – the huge vertiginous drops, the modes of flight, the swinging transport wires, the underground lakes and caverns (spoilers) – all this will be enhanced by the first person FOV experienced in virtual reality.
  • All characters wear some form of head gear to make survival essential; above the ground they’re worn for guidance and oxygen when flying, underground they’re protective – so the audience will always feel involved, they’re wearing the headgear too, and it makes sense from the perspective of the plot.
  • Merchandising – the in world headsets make for endless customization and licencing opportunity.

There are some areas in particular that I’ve given special consideration to:

  • Plot progression – VR allows the wearer to look and move around freely; this causes a problem with a linear narrative structure – what if the audience misses something, we can’t force the image to show what we need them to show as that’ll begin to create motion sickness. What i’m proposing is that, like in video games, the narrative only progresses when the wearer indicates they’re looking at whatever they need to be looking at. Somebody coming through the door? a small halo will appear at the door to prompt the wearer’s attention.
  • Co-viewing – part of what makes a TV show successful is being able to talk about it. VR, at present, is a solitary medium.

This sort of new content proposal would need a small pilot first, the sort that would do well on Adult Swim perhaps, an affluent tech-savvy audience that are more likely to have VR. When all is said and done; even if this specific medium can’t support Breaking New Ground, I still hope to have written a very good original piece.




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