Update #8 – Platforms

To give Perdix the best chance of growing an audience, it became clear that the stories needed to go to the readers, as opposed to try and bring the readers to the stories. This meant going on every writing platform, content distributor and social media platform going!

It wasn’t an easy task especially considering to effectively use each platform you need to tailor the content. Which meant the past few months has comprised of setting up a bunch of different profiles and re-working the content.

The stories needed copying across to different writing platforms that already have a massive community of readers. WattPad, RoyalRoad, Ello, Archive of our own, Fiction Press, Fan Fiction and The Prose. This was relatively straight forward as the content had already been written, but did require a bunch of different ‘About Me’ sections and developing some art work for profile pictures and/or book covers etc.

Admittedly these do look pretty amateur, but considering their design required learning a program from scratch, they turned out okay. Using GIMP was a difficult experience, but the art/design will improve with time/commissioning.

Next was YouTube, undoubtedly one of the most important content distribution platforms; however given the fact that Perdix content is written this would obviously be a bigger task. So, a podcasting microphone was ordered, audacity installed and a trial for Adobe Audition downloaded. Two or three re-records later and running the audio through a bunch of different presets to sound less awful, a video needed to be added. Now short of actually learning animation and/or developing a live action version of the story, it only needed to be a bit of visualisation to accompany the audio. 

So Kdenlive, Handbreak, Audio Library, Pexels and a steep steep learning curve resulted in what you can now see on YouTube. This took the better part of a month to produce and learn all the software, but did have the benefit of then being easily copied across to SoundCloud and Anchor.

Lastly, were the plethora of monetization routes. Creator favourite Patreon, one offs likes Buy me a coffee and ko-fi, classic paypal and stripe and of course the super legit: crypto.

All that’s left then is to try and generate some engagement; this would begin with the usual social media posts, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but now including Reddit. Organic growth would be brilliant, but if not, an investment into some digital ads (Search or YouTube perhaps). Encouraging people to engage with the social media to then funnel back to content is a chicken and egg scenario; which drives the other?

Some other platforms that have been established, including a mailing list (as CGP Grey says it’s the only distribution platform you can really control), an account on Smash Words (which requires works to be completely finished), and Medium (for any of the more academic/essay focused content.)

With all that sorted, done and dusted and just to be maintained, some stories can be written! 

Like/follow/subscriber etc. etc. etc…



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