Update #10 – Branding

It doesn’t take any marketing experience to know that to build a brand you need engaging visuals. Quite a challenge for a written content brand like Perdix.

However, there are three visual elements relating to the brand we can take advantage of, 1) the logo, 2) concept art and 3) the featured image per post. Whilst I’m happy to embarrass myself with writing publications, I’m not willing to inflict my graphic design on the world; I’ve more respect for my (2?) readers than that.

So, I did the only thing one should do in this situation, commissioned (and of course paid with real money not ‘exposure’) an artist. One post to the r/hungryartists subreddit later and I had an inbox flooded with portfolios to review. Some were brilliant, so good in fact that I removed them from the running for fear of breaking the bank (despite a clear & non-negotiable budget in my brief, I couldn’t string-along a Marvel-comics quality artist). Next to go were the artists that had styles that didn’t suit me, those that were too expensive, and those that simply weren’t great.

52 artists later, 51 messages of ‘thanks but no thanks‘ and 5 rounds of culling later, I was happy to get in touch with badmoonart for two pieces, a new logo and a character concept art. Within a few days, a brief was written, contracts agreed, artists paid and a deadline set.

The guys at the studio were excellent, professional and brilliant at interpreting a rambling brief into an image very very close to what was in my mind, I couldn’t be happier with the work.

The Perdix logo went through a few rounds, and I have a bunch of different versions in white/black/gradient and flat colour, the latter of which I prefer and you can see below. Time to update all the social media profile pictures!

Perdix Logo Flat White BG
Perdix Logo


Then we get to the concept art for the main character of the Perdix original story Breaking New Ground – Alex Wright, in flight! With the exception of the background sky-scraping buildings (for which I gave no direction at all to be fair), it’s almost exactly what I had in mind. It is quite surreal actually to see it reified.

Alex Wright – Breaking New Ground

Everything about it is pretty much spot-on: the air-head helmet looks very cool, halfway between the inspiration of Iron-man, motorcycle and Power Ranger’s helmets, as well as the design of the flight suit and energy cape. All in all, for $300, a fully bespoke logo and character concept art, with high res.psd files, full ownership and rights, all delivered within a month, there can be absolutely no complaints. I’ll be commissioning more when (if?) Perdix starts to earn its keep as a brand.

If anybody is looking for artwork, I’d recommend Bad Moon Art Studio.

Finally; the third visual element I mentioned is the featured image displayed with every blog post – obviously it’s not feasible to have a unique piece of artwork commissioned per post, but I’m also against using any random image found online. Luckily, Pexels is a complete royalty free stock photo site, and whilst the selection isn’t as good as, say, shutterstock, I’ve managed to find a suitable image every time so far.

Now; time to actually write some content and look into some SEO and advertising.



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