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Everybody has a different way they’d like to support the creators they’re fans of, so for those considering support of Perdix, there’s a variety of ways to do so.

Huge thanks for your support, any and all support is directly re-invested into Perdix to help bring you more and better content faster! Without fans to write for, there’d be no content, and without fans to support writers, there’d be no writers to produce that content. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship. It also gives you permission to feel slightly smug that you’re a patron of the independent arts and artists.

PatreonPatreon is by far the most common way to support creators – and Perdix offers a tiered system which actually gives you benefits too; things like author notes, concept arts, design ideas, early access to stories, stories in progress and a shout out in any videos!

BMACKoFiBuy Me A Coffee and Ko-Fi allow you to tip a few dollars/pounds/euros etc. to Perdix. Any aspiring author runs primarily on coffee beans, so please do help support this spiraling caffeine addiction.

PayPalPayPal is for the cold-hard-cash minded of you, if you really enjoy the work and want to see more, a direct contribution through PayPal cuts out the middle men, and allows Perdix to be directly supported by you, the fan.

CryptoBitcoinCrypto is for the tech-wizzes among you, and allows you to support independent authors, whilst protecting your privacy at the same time. Plus they’re called things like Ripple and Litecoin, so it feels like monopoly money (to you, to Perdix it’s very real and much appreciated). Wide variety of coins accepted.

Then please shout all about your support on your favorite social media platform!

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